Belle in Friday Night

Brilliant Belle makes her first start in front of the home crowd on Friday night.  We’ll be waiting because the race is carded as the 8th on the evening – an anticipated post time of just after 10PM.

We drew the rail and Justin Shepherd will get the call in the six furlong, $7500 starter allowance over the main track.

As a reminder, a starter allowance is for horses that have run the previous year for a claiming price of “X”, with “X” being the amount shown in the conditions: in this case, $7500.

There are some pretty good ones in this field so a win will be a tall order, but we’re also by no means an also ran in here.  A breakdown of the race will come later in the week.

We’ll be splitting up the group into thirds for rotating paddock access.  These groups will be posted in a day or two.  We split them alphabetically and then assign each group a number then we’ll pull a number out of a hat to see which group leads things off, that way the beginning of the alphabet doesn’t always go first every year.

I will also be posting some paddock etiquette and safety guidelines as well.  The paddock can be a dangerous place and we don’t want there to be any issues.

Lots of information coming this week so keep an eye out.

Good Luck!


6 thoughts on “Belle in Friday Night

  1. Hey,I’m looking at the condition book that was just sent out.. and I can’t seemto find a $7500 claiming race on friday May 26th. Can you help me figure this out? Vince

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  2. My mistake. Not a claiming race…but still can’t find a 6f race that day. Vince

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  3. Now the fun begins…Lets hope for a big pool of TVG bettors to help keep out odd up. The weather looks decent (finally) so hopefully we will have a fast track. Good luck and a safe trip to everyone involved!

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