Belle Wins!


Brilliant Belle, under Justin Shepherd, seized the lead early and then refused to give it up late, winning for us at an unheard of (for the Racing Club) 13-1.

Our filly was tough and Justin knew exactly what to do with her.  As we mentioned in the preview, there didn’t seem to be a ton of speed in the race but a few that could take the lead if they chose to do so; Justin chose to do so and it worked out perfectly.

She broke well, hustled up, saved ground and was dogged – hard – by the favorite in the lane but she didn’t have any quit in her!

Winners’ Circle photos will be available in the track photographer’s office starting today after noon.  They are $10 each (normally $20-$25 but we get a volume discount as you can imagine!) and you can pay for them when you pick them up.

To get to the track photographer take the stairs next to the nut stand on the grandstand level down to the office level; go through the doors and take a right, another right and then the office is on the right.

Here is the chart of the race:

Belle Chart 5-26-17

Her routine the next few days will be to walk until she’s sufficiently recovered to jog again and by next weekend she’ll be galloping.  In a couple to three weeks we’ll see what her next race may be.  She’s eligible for these starter allowances all summer long, so that’s certainly nice!

The Club picked up $10,200 for the winner’s share of the purse and an additional $500 as part of a starter incentive program for horses that are new to Canterbury.

Once again, congratulations to everyone and much thanks to Nevada and Veronica Litfin, Carly (Belle’s groom), and Justin for pulling off the win.  Great team effort!


5 thoughts on “Belle Wins!

  1. Thanks Ted and everyone who helped to make this happen. We had a blast and lost our voices for a while after the race from all the cheering! I was pleasantly surprised after Belle was down to 3-1 odds and then passed the morning line of 10-1 and landed on 13-1. It was a very exciting evening!

  2. Hi Ted,
    Are Winners Circle photos available during the Friday evening race times? We are attending tomorrows race and hope to pick up a pic while there.


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