Jerrys Two Tickets: Bowed Tendon

The vet came by and checked on Jerry this morning. It turns out that he seriously bowed a tendon in his leg. A “bow” is simply a horseman’s term for “tear”. Damage to flexor tendons occurs commonly during exercise. Even in fit horses, a tear can occur during a fast work, work on unleveled ground, work involving jumping at speed, racing, or training. The degree of damage can range from minor, with little fiber damage to very severe with total tendon rupture occurring. Jerry’s injury fell short of a total rupture but severe enough that he will not be able to race any longer.

Jerry has already been sent to Russ Rhone’s training farm in south Shakopee where he will await transport to Bowman’s Second Chance Ranch in North Dakota on Monday. Doctor Richard Bowman is a vet that founded this organization to rehabilitate and rehome injured thoroughbreds coming off the track. You can learn more about this tremendous organization here:

This is a depressing setback, no question. Paying $7500 to retire a horse is a terrible use of limited funds, but there was no way of knowing that this would happen in the race either. It is sad that it happened – especially for the horse. For the record – and I know people are wondering – I have known Bernell Rhone (previous trainer) for years and he would never knowingly run an injured horse. Clay gave him the once over before the race and the horse showed no signs of an issue. He simply got to racing and was injured to no fault of anyone. It is, however, tremendously bad luck.

We will reevaluate this weekend and see what direction we will head in and keep you all posted. There is still some room to do something else so we’ll look and see the best way to go forward.


10 thoughts on “Jerrys Two Tickets: Bowed Tendon

  1. I feel bad for the horse. I have learned another reason not to own a horse myself. Got to have some luck.

    • It is incredible the ups and downs. Just a few weeks ago we were all celebrating a big win and now this. The swings can be tremendous and, your right, sharing the burden certainly does help when things turn down.

  2. Also glad that the horse will be ok. Sounds like he’s going to receive great care at his new home… that’s all that matters! Let’s go Belle!

  3. Crap happens! Nice try, Ted. We will continue to celebrate Belle and wish Jerry the best at BSCTA. Looking forward to our next possible pony!

  4. A sad setback for sure but sound like the horse will move on to other things and the results certainly have been worse

  5. That’s horse racing, the thought was there Ted – good luck to Jerry with the rehab. But, let’s not
    forget, thank’s to Belle’s win, we have a profit of $10,700 for the year – more than enough for
    another horse this season.

  6. That is too bad for Jerry! If a horse wins a race he/she can’t be claimed that season? In that same race Jerry started #3 Mystorynmstikntiot finished in the top 3 7 of 9 last year and finished in the 3 of 6 this year plus he won Thursday and has won over $35,000 in the last 2 years. Could some one claimed Belle in her next race?

    • If a horse is entered in a claiming race it is eligible to be claimed. There is one exception to that and that is if a horse enters a specifically designated “waiver” claiming race where you can elect to not be eligible for a claim. However, there are restrictions – the horse has to have been away from racing for at least 6 months and may not run back lower than the claiming price it last raced at. Obviously Belle doesn’t meet these conditions and will be eligible to be claimed.

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