Welcome to Jerrys Two Tickets

The Club claimed Jerrys Two Tickets out of the 4th race yesterday for $7500. A turf horse coming in off of a layoff, Jerry broke okay but found himself near the back of the pack and never really got untracked.

Jockey Orlando Mojica did not like what he felt underneath him pulling up after the race and his action was off, so the horse ambulance was called and Jerry got a ride to his new home.

He was given a once over last night and while it appears that he may have a tendon injury, it is too early to tell for sure. We’ll let him come down after the race and give him a much more thorough examination in a day or two and go from there.

Claiming is the ultimate caveat emptor (Latin for “buyer beware”) and while there are protections in place if you claim a horse that ends up with a fatal injury during the race, there are none if a horse gets hurt.

Once Clay and the vet have determined the extent of the injury sustained during the race we will pass along as well as the plan going forward.

In better news, Belle is doing well and it is getting to be time to find her next race. She’s been at the track every day and we’re looking forward to what she can do next.

We’ll also be posting the first financial statement of the season this weekend for the period through May, so stay tuned for that.


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