Belle Stumbles Early

There are times when a horse may stumble from the gate and be able to get back into the race – usually it’s not at five furlongs.  Belle was no exception.  She stumbled out of the gate and then was bumped from the outside and that was all she wrote.

All things considered she didn’t run badly but there was only so much you could do.  We didn’t finish last…so there’s that.

She came back okay.  She cut herself a little but nothing that requires any intensive attention.  Nevada will let her cool off for a few days and recover and then we’ll see what’s next down the road.  She was in this one pretty deep but I think she would’ve been involved if we cleared the start.  We’ll have to see what opportunities present themselves when we’re ready in about 3 weeks.

In the interim, we’re still looking to claim another.  I was hoping we’d pick up a little extra dough here to throw in the kitty but we’ll play the hand we’ve been dealt and look for something sturdy and inexpensive.


When we are in the paddock we need to be limited to the grassy area.  Wandering down to the saddling area is not acceptable.  There are folks down there trying to get horses saddled, relaxed, walking, etc.  It is a potentially dangerous pace to be and we have no business being down there.  You can get your photos up in the walking ring.  Please stay up near the group.  Anyone down in the saddling area will be asked to leave the paddock.


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