Moving Day

Tonight Belle will be loaded up and moved to Lexington, KY, home of fabled Keeneland Race Course.  The Litfins will settle her in and she’ll hit the track over the weekend.  She’ll get a feel for things and then Nevada would like to get a breeze in her to get her ready for competition and a feel for the racetrack.

We will be very aggressive in her placements from here on out.  We can’t keep her at the end of the year so we will see how many wins we can get with her while making her a tempting claim.

This is where the Club starts to differ a bit from owning a horse outright.  Naturally when you have the ability to own a horse year after year you may be less aggressive with a 4-year old filly and see if you can climb her up the class ladder a bit. We can’t take any chances of having the horse on our books at the end of the year so we will see if we can win a race or two at a couple of the most fabled tracks in the country.

We’ll touch base after she’s arrived and settled in let you all know how her trip went.


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