Belle Third

Brilliant Belle and Rafael Mojica, Jr. made the best out of a tough draw and finished 3rd today at Churchill Downs, earning $1800 in the process.

The 12 post in a sprint, especially with a filly that breaks alertly (usually) is problematic at best.  Raffie was able to get her off the early pace and she finished strongly, fighting hard to maintain third.

We’ll see how she came out of the race and look to have her back at this same spot.  I think with a better draw we will have a shot at closing out the year with a win.  She drew some attention today with her run and was markedly better than two of three horses that were claimed out of the race (the winner was also claimed)so hopefully we’ll get a sale out of the next race as well.


4 thoughts on “Belle Third

  1. Belle looked great! Curious question: our trainer also had a horse in this race. Are there rules that govern trainers from having multiple horses in a race to avoid a conflict of interest?

    • There are none that I’m aware of. There are, in some states, that force horses trained and owned by the same connections to run as a single betting interest. None that I know of that govern entering horses though.

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