Belle Eye Thanksgiving Weekend

It looks like Belle will be ready roll again next weekend.  We’ll be looking at a $5000 claimer.  While there isn’t one in the condition book there is thought that there will be a few written for closing weekend.  If not, we can ship up to Turfway and run there where there are more of those kind of races run, albeit at lower purses.

Entries will start being drawn this weekend and we’ll keep looking at the extras to see what we can get her in.

There are folks interested in buying her if she doesn’t get claimed – including some that want to form a second alumni group to do it.  I’m not opposed to that but it is a very different animal than the Club: there is potential for loss, higher buy in, carries over year to year, etc.  You can email me at if you may be interested. Most likely she will get claimed and the point becomes moot, but just in case.


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