2017 Clubbers: Watch Your Inbox

For all 2017 Clubbers, keep an eye on your inbox later this week to get the final spreadsheet and the rollover form for 2018 from Jeff Maday.  We, of course, really hope that you’ll all join us again as well as telling your friends!

The amount returned this year is $74.27.  The compares favorably with the $42.93 from last year.  This means to roll over and join up again next year has decreased to $175.77 from a shade over $200 last year.

Obviously the quick injury and retirement of Jerry’s Two Tickets hurt a lot and the decision, as I mentioned before, of sending Belle to KY rather than Hawthorne probably hurt some as well.  She also was her own worst enemy as far as nicking herself up.  Every year we learn something and that certainly includes me as well.

We’ll take those lessons into 2018, learn from them, and once again make a run at an enjoyable, educational season.  We hope you’ll all come back and join us!


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