Welcome to the 2018 Club

By now those of you that have returned or joined the Club should have received your “Welcome” email.  We are still not completely finalized as far as the final count and cashing of checks goes, but we’re close.  Hopefully we will have that for you next week and we can get started.

We did want to give you the several ways you can follow the Club and the various levels of information they offer.

Blog: This blog will have the most complete information.  We will have detailed race previews, financial updates, interviews with the trainer and other information.

Twitter (@CBY_Racing_Club): Quick updates as to entries, workouts and reminders.  Given space constraints we can’t get too detailed but usually the first place to see an entry or workout information posted.

Facebook (Canterbury Racing Club): This is new this year.  Just search for Canterbury Racing Club and follow the page.  We envision this page to be a place for members to connect, post photos and enjoy the more social aspects of being a Clubber.

Thanks for joining and thanks for following along – whichever way you choose!



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