Have to Wait Another Week

We looked at a few options for Ark this weekend but none of the races we were looking at filled and the one that did, a $7500 starter allowance (for horses that have started for a claiming price of 7500 or less) was going to be too tough for him sprinting.  Ark is flexible, but against a tougher caliber of horses, he’s better off sprinting.

In looking how the race came up, I think we’d have been vying for fifth at best.

There looks to be a possibility for him AND her next week, so Nevada and I are hoping that we can get them both in and the races get used.  With only two days of racing a week, it can be a little tough finding the right ones to go.

The summer, however, is a long one and, if everyone can stay healthy, we should be able to get 4 – 5 starts a piece from them – and hopefully some wins as well.


Thanks to all of you that RSVP’d for the coffee kick off Saturday morning.  We will be out in the cabanas trackside.  If you come in through the doors at valet, make your way out to the track and, when you get to the apron, turn right.  You won’t be able to miss us!  We’ll get rolling around 8 and closed things up around 11.

We got a TREMENDOUS response and for that I thank you all.  The food is ordered and the number of people are set but don’t worry, we still have our backside tours to schedule and hopefully we can do a wrap up coffee at the end of the meet as well!



5 thoughts on “Have to Wait Another Week

  1. Has any of our two horses been officially entered in a race, that did not fill, this Canterbury season, if so, which races?

    • The filly was entered in a MSW at a mile 70 where she was the only entry. Ark hasn’t entered – a couple were thought about but had zero entries. We’d prefer to run him at a mile on either turf or dirt so once the turf course opens up and we go to more than just 2 days of racing we should have many more opportunities.

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