I Never Give Up 3rd

I Never Give Up got a little leg weary toward the end of her race this evening but she held third easily in the maiden special weight.

A few things out of the race:

  • Though she tired, she got a lot out of the race.  The race gave us a gauge to her fitness level and also was better than any 3 works to improve it.  She’ll be able to build off of this effort.
  • Ry said she still ran greenly.  As it was only her 5th career start, it makes sense that she still has some learning to do.  She got a chance to run between horses and she handled it very well.  Ry said he could have really pushed on her but she still may not have made it up for 2nd and she was already tired.  I appreciate him saving her for another day.
  • She earned $2940 for the effort, paying her monthly bill!

I am sure that she’ll be tired the next couple of days but we’ll see how she came out of it and we’ll move forward with her from there.

Don’t forget (as if you would!) Mr. Ark goes tomorrow in the 5th race.  Paddock group 2 (Gladhill – LaCasse) will be the group to try and get us our first win.  It looks like the rain is going to hold off so it should a good day for racing!


1 thought on “I Never Give Up 3rd

  1. Not bad for the first time out for our group, she ran her heart out and gave it her best, thanks to Ry for looking out for our girl, I Never Give Up stands up to her name and once she is over her fitness woes she’ll hit the winners circle.

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