I Never Give Up 3rd

Nevvy ran a very nice race tonight.  While she didn’t win, there are definitely some positive takeaways from the 3rd place effort.

There were a pair of things we wanted to see: how she handled the turf and how she finished given how tired she was after the last race.

She handled the turf just fine and she finished very strongly.  Ry really had her in a good spot.  He angled her to the outside since there was no space inside and looked to have give her a straight run to the finish.  However she lugged in a bit and hard a hard time changing leads (Changing which leg she leads with in her stride.  They switch so they don’t get tired).  She still closed very nicely.  I think if she changes leads, she wins.

So we’ll see how she comes back but you can pretty sure that we will be back in this spot again when she’s ready and we’ll keep her on the turf.  When her light switch finally goes on, she’s going be okay!

SIDE NOTE:  I will be working on our financial statement this weekend and should have it up over the weekend/Monday so you can all take a look at how the costs and purse money adds up.


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