Financial Statement Thru May

You can click on the link below and call up our first financial statement of the season though the end of May.  We have not received the May vet bill yet so that is not part of the equation.

Some highlights on the season so far:

  • This is the earliest we’ve ever had all the groups go through the paddock;
  • This is the second largest Club we’ve ever had (204 is the largest – we have 184 this year)
  • Though we haven’t won yet, our latest first win was December 30, so there is plenty of time;
  • Both horses are healthy
  • Nevvy seems like she has quite a bit of potential to be a very useful racehorse;
  • The Club, as has become traditional, donated $100 to the Leg Up Fund;
  • This year’s backside tour (June 24) will be the earliest tour we’ve ever had – though we are filling up, we have NOT reached capacity and have about 10 spots still open.

CRC 2018 Running financials -MAY


2 thoughts on “Financial Statement Thru May

  1. I use the Brisnet PP’s and I was wondering if anyone knows how to find out the Brisnet #s from our horses races without having to wait until the next time that they are entered and looking at the new PPs. I am really curious to see what Nevvy got in this last race. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • I do not have access to Bris figures, only the DRF Beyer Figs. As for the Beyer Speed Figure for the race, she ran a 58.

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