Backside Tour Update

With the RSVPs that came in today we are full up for the June 24 tour.  Actually we’re a wee bit oversubscribed but we’ll be okay.

We will be announcing the July tour (it will be on a Saturday) this weekend and start RSVPs for that tour.  Preference will be given to those that did not take the June tour to make sure that everyone who wants to get on the backside can.


Nevvy came back from her race just fine.  She’s walked the last few days and heads back to the track tomorrow.

Ark has been training well and we’ll be looking to enter him again after another week of rest ensuring he has 3 weeks between races rather than 2.


2 thoughts on “Backside Tour Update

    • No. We don’t head outside the racetrack. 2 year olds tend to be broken in the late fall and we’re not racing at that time. Additionally there would be logistical and liability concerns as well.

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