Nevvy Falters; Tour 1; July Tour Set


Nevvy broke well and Scott Stevens got her in a pretty good position heading around the track but when the real running started, Nevvy didn’t.

Scott mentioned to Nevada when he got off that she wasn’t happy with the turf footing, feeling that the track was pretty firm and she was stabbing at it with her feet rather than gliding over the surface.  She also tapped the rail a couple of times after the turn for home.

Like Nevada said to the group this morning, “This race was a throw out.  We’ll just move on from here.”

She’ll walk the next few days before heading back to the track and we’ll go from there.  We may give her another week between races – running every two weeks can only be done for so long before you need a little extra time.  We could come back in a maiden claimer too, rather than a maiden special to give her some class relief.  Running at a maiden claiming $25,000 would still have us running for $19,000 which is still a nice purse. And while she seemed to perform better on the turf (last race), we know she can handle the dirt as well, so we have options.  Flexibility is a nice option to have.

Mr. Ark will be entered later this week for next weekend so hopefully we’ll be back out and going for that first win!


Thanks to everyone that came out for the tour this morning.  The rain held off nicely and we were able to get through the backside with only a few sprinkles. We did run long, going until about noon.  There were a lot of questions and, hopefully, answers and I hope folks enjoyed it and got something out of it.  We got to visit with Mr. Ark, but Nev was resting from yesterday so we didn’t get a chance to see her.  Ark lived up to his nickname, “Snuggles”, that is for sure.


The next tour date has been set.  Saturday, July 21 will be the date.  The process will work the same way, please RSVP to me at ted@grevelisracing and let me know how many in your party.  We will limit the group to 50 again.  If there is enough demand, though, we will do another tour in August.


3 thoughts on “Nevvy Falters; Tour 1; July Tour Set

  1. Ted, is was great getting to meet you and your wife at the Jockeys and Jeans fundraiser on Saturday night even though our horse faltered a bit. Thank you for great tour and the insights you provided and the questions you answered. As first year participants in the club, this was most enjoyable weekend.

    Steve and Debbi

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