Bit of a Break

Mr. Ark is back to work and appears to have come out of his race none the worse for wear.  He ran a crappy race with no real excuse so we’ll give him his 2-3 weeks and bring him back and see if we can do better.

Nevvy is battling a bit of a hoof issue.  It appears that she has a small abscess in one of her hooves which could explain her clunker of a performance last out.  They are working on it in the barn with a poultice to help the abscess come out and the farrier will take a look tomorrow as well.  Once the abscess is out and healed she should be back and better than ever.

Now that we have probably a week or two before we hit our next race, let’s knock out a few things:

  • The next financial statement should be posted this week;
  • The next tour is July 21, don’t forget to RSVP via email (;
  • Let’s answer some questions!

I was approached in the paddock before Ark’s race by a member who mentioned that there were some terms that we used from time to time that weren’t easily understood.  Since the entire purpose of our happy band of horse owners is to better understand the game, I thought this sounded like a good blog post!

To this end, either in the comments below or via email ( let us know any words or terms you’d like to have explained.  After using a certain vernacular for so long you tend to forget that not everyone knows what the heck you’re talking about so I apologize for that and look forward to getting us all on the same page.

Should be fun!


6 thoughts on “Bit of a Break

  1. Hello! I haven’t figured out how to access comments from other Club members, but am trying something new here, so I’ll either be a genius or stranded in cyberspace. Much easier picking a winner, and that’s hard enough! Thanks to all & especially Ted. – Lyn

  2. I would like to know when the other club horses are racing. Is this possible? Could you post these just like you do for ours.

    • Richard, can you be more specific? Are you talking about the other racing Clubs at other tracks across North America or a group the the Alumni Group made up of former Clubbers?

      • There isn’t another Club structured like this one. There is one for profit group that was put together by former Clubbers that call themselves CAC Racing and are currently campaigning a gelding named Perfect Movement in the Litfin barn but no second Club.

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