Questions, June Finances

Only a couple of folks have asked any questions for the next blog post so if you have some questions about racing, racing terminology or anything, drop it below in the comments or send me a note at and it will be the subject of a post early next week.

Also next Saturday is the next tour so stand by for a rerun of the instructions from last time for the folks that are attending this tour as well.  I would anticipate that post going up Tuesday or Wednesday.

Finally, below are the financials through the month of June.  There is some questions I have on a vet bill that I’m working on but otherwise this is a good representation of where we are at this point in time.

Nevvy is holding her own while Ark needs to pick up the effort.  We’ll be getting aggressive on placements to try and get that elusive first win.

CRC 2018 Running financials -JUNE


2 thoughts on “Questions, June Finances

  1. Why are standard-bred horses able to run harness racing weekly while thoroughbreds need 2-3 weeks between races?

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