Nev 2nd

Well, the winner made all the sense in the world but Nev ran a strong second.  Denny had her in a good spot all the way around but we couldn’t outkick the favorite.  That was no surprise but I’m proud of the girl.  She ran well and we picked up $5600 for her trouble.

Denny said she kept trying to lug in (bear in toward the rail) but she kept running straight which is what you want.  It was an awfully quick race as well.  All in all, it is hard to be upset with her effort!

Having not nailed down the maiden breaker, we will be dropping into maiden claiming ranks next out. Unless we get unlucky with the draw, we should be able to pick up the win and start facing winners.

Ark’s race should go next weekend, so keep an eye on this space, the Twitter feed (@Cby_Racing_Club) ands our Facebook page.


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