Nev 2nd – Paying the Way


I Never Give Up finished second again this weekend, bringing in another $5600 and paying the way again this month for herself as well as Mr. Ark.  Granted, it’s not winning – which we REALLY want to do before the local season ends – but it is keeping the account level.

She came back okay – she was a little muscle sore in the shoulders, like a charley horse, but she’s already feeling better – so it looks like we’ll get one more start in store before the meet ends here.

Here is where things do differ a bit from “real life” as opposed to the Club.  If the filly was owned singularly, we’d keep going in maiden special weights and hope to miss a monster and finally win, but feeling okay with picking up a $5600 check every two weeks.  When you’re flying solo or in a small partnership, the name of the game is keeping the bills paid.  The Club is a bit different, though.  Without the prospect of keeping the horse long term or making a profit, winning itself takes on a bit more importance than usual (and it is always important!) so I will be working with Nevada to find a spot for her to drop to in order to give us the best chance to win before the end of the meet.

Mr. Ark will get one more in and, unless he shocks us, will be retired.  I don’t think it will be this weekend, most likely the weekend after (Labor Day).  We do have a couple of riding stables interested in making their place his forever home so we know we’ll have a soft landing for him.  Of course that changes in the unlikely event that he gets claimed from us in that last race!

Please keep the RSVPs coming in ( for the wrap up gathering, 9-11 in the trackside cabanas on September 8.  Deadline for RSVP is September 1.



3 thoughts on “Nev 2nd – Paying the Way

  1. Can you do me a big favor and have Nevada check Mr Ark’s heart? Someone did a reading on his energy and felt this. I think he needs more encouragement, too.

  2. What about turf with Ark? He broke his maiden on it and Primary Suspect isn’t a terrible turf sire. His speed could be much more of an asset on turf.

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