New Shoes and Shipping Out

Nevvy hits the road tomorrow as the Litfin caravan heads off to Kentucky.

Nev had her feet done today and Nevada and the farrier were going to try a new way of shoeing her.  Without getting too into the weeds on the intricacies of hoof care (and I’m not sure I could even if I wanted to!), basically she may be having a little pain in one of her feet that could be helped by a special shoe.  The shoe will help absorb the concussion of the pounding of a race.  The trickle down effect of that would be she will be more comfortable running which should keep her from lugging in late in the race and THEN keep her from muscle cramping after the race or when she runs from trying to overcompensate for the ache.

It’s certainly an interesting dynamic – the way feet can effect performance, but there is an old saying: no hoof, no horse.  We’re hopeful that this latest twist will help Nev run straight and true and get us the win(s?) we’re looking for.  She’s a talented filly and should have upside.  Nevada and his team have been working hard to figure her out and get her to the reach her potential.  Fingers crossed that we’re there.

There should be a day of travel and then settling in in KY.  We’re licensed there and are set up to be licensed in Indiana as well (Indiana Grand runs through November and isn’t that far away) so we’ll have some options.

Once the barn gets to Churchill, we will look to get her working and entered as soon as we can to start the next phase of her season!


Financials – August

Attached are the unaudited financials as of the end of August.  Mr. Ark will have about 15 days and then he is off the books.

Nev appears to be recovering okay.  She was in some pain but was treated with some painkiller and muscle relaxant to ease her discomfort.  Nevada and the vet will look to figure out what the root cause of the cramping and get her back on track.

Options for races going south include Churchill, Belterra and Indiana Grand.  Remember she just missed hitting the board (the rider stopped riding and was nipped at the wire for 3rd) in a Maiden Claiming $16,000 at Oaklawn, so she can be competitive at the lower levels.  She needs to be off the books by the end of the year so we will be aggressive in placing her like we were going to be on Friday.

CRC 2018 Running financials -AUG

Nevvy Will Scratch on Friday

I Never Give Up had an episode of “tying up” this morning coming off the track after her galloping. The scientific name for tying up is rhabdomyolysis, which simply translated means muscle (myo) breakdown (lysis). The causes are several but the result is the same, muscle cramping. It takes a while to get it under control when a horse has an episode and they made need assistance with some painkillers and muscle relaxers – all of which cannot be in her system when she races.

As a result, she will have to be scratched Friday. Nevada and team will work on her, draw blood, figure out the cause and work toward the solution.  If all goes well, we can hopefully have her back and able to race near the end of the month in either Kentucky or Indiana.

At the end of the day, you have to take care of the horse and do right by them – it’s our responsibility as owners as payback for as hard they work for us.

It’s not an ideal way to end the local season but a couple of positives are that while we didn’t win, we were able to run more at home than we ever have and have Nev earn enough with her on the board finishes in Maiden Special Weights to pay much of the bills.

Mr. Ark will be heading to North Dakota this weekend to Doctor Bowman’s Second Chance Thoroughbred Adoptions where he will rest, rehab and then be rehomed.

I Never Give Up Kicks Off Closing Weekend

Thanks for everyone who came by to join us for coffee and donuts Saturday morning.  We had a great time hanging out, talking about the season and spending an hour of our time with Nevada doing some Q&A on not only our horses but training and the industry in general.

I Never Give Up will be kicking off Closing weekend Friday night when she takes on a full field of 13 in the race 1.  Keep in mind that Friday night post time is a special 5:00 PM post – NOT 6:30.  Groups 3 AND 4 are welcome in the paddock so everyone can get through for the 3rd time.  She is breaking from post position 4 so it will be important that we do not crowd posts 3 and 5, so please be aware!

Dean Butler picks up the mount in the $10,000 claiming race.  We got the class drop and we’re on the turf but the distance is a mile and a sixteenth.  Hopefully the big drop from Maiden Special Weight will be enough to make up the difference from the sprint to a route.  However, it’s not like she’s been in a disaster in her longer attempts as well and Butler has one of the best clocks in his head in the jockey colony so we’re in good hands.

The preview will be up later in the week and we’ll let you know if the Club has space then as well.

See you Friday night!


See You Tomorrow; Ark Photos

We’ll see those of you that RSVP’d to the breakfast tomorrow!  We’ll be out on the apron in the Cabanas from 9-11.  They’ll be donuts, coffee and juice and we’ll watch some morning workout, talk about this year – and next – and just enjoy being together before the season ends.  We need to be out of the Cabanas at 11 sharp as there is a group in there for racing.

We’re excited to get I Never Give Up in for closing weekend and hopefully nail down that first win!

Here are some photos of Ark’s last out.  There is someone interested in him as a riding horse but she has through the weekend to decide and then he’s heading to North Dakota to Doc Bowman’s ranch – he needs to come off the books.


Nev Closing Weekend

We did not enter I Never Give Up for the $5000 maiden claimer this weekend.  Nevada wanted another week to work with her on a couple of things to correct her lugging in late and get her to run straight down the lane.

They are going to work on her feet some and continue to experiment with some equipment to hopefully get her to run straight and true.  She’s shown enough flashes of her potential – especially finishing second in a pair of Maiden Special Weights – that were encouraging enough that given an extra week we can hit on something that will get us our win before the tents are struck on the 2018 Canterbury season.

For that last race, because we’re so close to getting through the third cycle of the paddock groups, we will open the paddock to both groups 3 and 4.

Closing weekend is September 14 & 15.  We will not know that date of her race for another week as closing weekend does not draw until September 9.

Thank you for all RSVPing for the morning wrap up – we will see you next Saturday morning!

Mr. Ark 8th

Mr. Ark unfortunately was unable to pick things up over the turf course today.  He trailed throughout and was unable to put together a rally.  He did have some footing issues moving through the turn in case you all noticed him appear to falter at the top of the turn.  Leandro Goncalves said that he lost his footing and slid a bit through the turn and was unable to rally when he gathered himself back up again.  If you watch the replay carefully you can see where he looks like he’s in some distress but quickly corrects and tries to run on.

That said, the footing did not cause him to lose the race, he just did not turn out to be the horse we thought he could be.

He will cool out the next day or two and we have some folks lined up to take a look at him as a potential riding horse and give the boy as safe a landing as we can get for him.

In Nev’s world, the only maiden races used on Friday evening were for boys or Minnesota bred horses so, of course, I Never Give Up was not entered.

We’ll see if anything comes up for Saturday and, if not Saturday, then closing weekend.  We want to get that maiden breaker before we leave Canterbury and while we’re all together!