Mr. Ark 8th

Mr. Ark unfortunately was unable to pick things up over the turf course today.  He trailed throughout and was unable to put together a rally.  He did have some footing issues moving through the turn in case you all noticed him appear to falter at the top of the turn.  Leandro Goncalves said that he lost his footing and slid a bit through the turn and was unable to rally when he gathered himself back up again.  If you watch the replay carefully you can see where he looks like he’s in some distress but quickly corrects and tries to run on.

That said, the footing did not cause him to lose the race, he just did not turn out to be the horse we thought he could be.

He will cool out the next day or two and we have some folks lined up to take a look at him as a potential riding horse and give the boy as safe a landing as we can get for him.

In Nev’s world, the only maiden races used on Friday evening were for boys or Minnesota bred horses so, of course, I Never Give Up was not entered.

We’ll see if anything comes up for Saturday and, if not Saturday, then closing weekend.  We want to get that maiden breaker before we leave Canterbury and while we’re all together!


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