Nev Closing Weekend

We did not enter I Never Give Up for the $5000 maiden claimer this weekend.  Nevada wanted another week to work with her on a couple of things to correct her lugging in late and get her to run straight down the lane.

They are going to work on her feet some and continue to experiment with some equipment to hopefully get her to run straight and true.  She’s shown enough flashes of her potential – especially finishing second in a pair of Maiden Special Weights – that were encouraging enough that given an extra week we can hit on something that will get us our win before the tents are struck on the 2018 Canterbury season.

For that last race, because we’re so close to getting through the third cycle of the paddock groups, we will open the paddock to both groups 3 and 4.

Closing weekend is September 14 & 15.  We will not know that date of her race for another week as closing weekend does not draw until September 9.

Thank you for all RSVPing for the morning wrap up – we will see you next Saturday morning!


4 thoughts on “Nev Closing Weekend

    • She will most likely head to KY with Nevada to run at the lower levels at Churchill or perhaps even up in Indiana where the competition may be lighter.

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