Nevvy Will Scratch on Friday

I Never Give Up had an episode of “tying up” this morning coming off the track after her galloping. The scientific name for tying up is rhabdomyolysis, which simply translated means muscle (myo) breakdown (lysis). The causes are several but the result is the same, muscle cramping. It takes a while to get it under control when a horse has an episode and they made need assistance with some painkillers and muscle relaxers – all of which cannot be in her system when she races.

As a result, she will have to be scratched Friday. Nevada and team will work on her, draw blood, figure out the cause and work toward the solution.  If all goes well, we can hopefully have her back and able to race near the end of the month in either Kentucky or Indiana.

At the end of the day, you have to take care of the horse and do right by them – it’s our responsibility as owners as payback for as hard they work for us.

It’s not an ideal way to end the local season but a couple of positives are that while we didn’t win, we were able to run more at home than we ever have and have Nev earn enough with her on the board finishes in Maiden Special Weights to pay much of the bills.

Mr. Ark will be heading to North Dakota this weekend to Doctor Bowman’s Second Chance Thoroughbred Adoptions where he will rest, rehab and then be rehomed.


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