New Shoes and Shipping Out

Nevvy hits the road tomorrow as the Litfin caravan heads off to Kentucky.

Nev had her feet done today and Nevada and the farrier were going to try a new way of shoeing her.  Without getting too into the weeds on the intricacies of hoof care (and I’m not sure I could even if I wanted to!), basically she may be having a little pain in one of her feet that could be helped by a special shoe.  The shoe will help absorb the concussion of the pounding of a race.  The trickle down effect of that would be she will be more comfortable running which should keep her from lugging in late in the race and THEN keep her from muscle cramping after the race or when she runs from trying to overcompensate for the ache.

It’s certainly an interesting dynamic – the way feet can effect performance, but there is an old saying: no hoof, no horse.  We’re hopeful that this latest twist will help Nev run straight and true and get us the win(s?) we’re looking for.  She’s a talented filly and should have upside.  Nevada and his team have been working hard to figure her out and get her to the reach her potential.  Fingers crossed that we’re there.

There should be a day of travel and then settling in in KY.  We’re licensed there and are set up to be licensed in Indiana as well (Indiana Grand runs through November and isn’t that far away) so we’ll have some options.

Once the barn gets to Churchill, we will look to get her working and entered as soon as we can to start the next phase of her season!


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