Closing Up

Nev was picked up yesterday to head to her new home: a new, state of the art, small thoroughbred breeding facility in Georgetown Kentucky.  She will join a couple of ex-racers in a broodmare band for Triple Crown LLC, a new farm that will start their breeding program in the spring.

As Heather and I will be in Georgetown before the Breeders’ Cup, I am going to see if we can stop by and say hello.

We checked with several people, horsemen, well-respected bloodstock agents and others to try and assess her value.  She was the 7th foal to race from a dam that, thus far, has produced no winners.  Her last foal only sold for $1,300 so her value, as it were, was non-existent.  The goal became to get her to a good home where she can have a nice life and a second career.

Several people vouched for this new operation so we felt comfortable in getting the filly there and moving forward.  The owner was very forthcoming in producing all his information and giving us a rundown of his operation as well as his plans for the future.

I will do a more in depth recap in a week or so but suffice to say it is profoundly disappointing to have not one a race this year, though it was nice that we raced so often at home and that Nev was bringing home decent checks.

What will happen going forward is that we will tally up the last few bills and then come up with a final total which will be divided up among all the members (184 if I’m not mistaken).  Those of you that are staying in for another year will not have to do anything except make up the difference for the new buy in by the end of February.  Those of you stepping away will have checks sent out to you.

There is no timetable on this yet.  Since we are already into mid-October, I would not anticipate getting our final vet bill until mid-November and not getting completely closed out until sometime thereafter.

Thanks for being a part of the Club this year.  Not winning not withstanding, I hope that we made it an enjoyable and educational experience and that we see you back again next year.


3 thoughts on “Closing Up

  1. Thanks Ted for your work this year. Rose and I are looking forward to next year. Also happy that Mr Ark and Nev landed at good homes.
    Don Heath

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  2. It certainly has been an interesting season with many ups and downs. This year clearly shows what a tough game racing can be. We are fortunate to run at Canterbury where there are decent purses to help make ends meet.

    I feel we were fortunate that none of our horses have had a catastrophic injury and they have found new homes.

    It has been fun being in the club again this year and I am looking forward to starting the adventure again next year. Also, it is interesting to seem similar clubs being formed at other tracks and to think that Canterbury was the first.

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