Goodbye 2018; 2019 Coming Soon!

We’re finally closed up for 2018.  There was some confusion over the veterinary bills, but they were finally straightened out and we now can close out the 2018 Club.

The year ends with $8432.98 in the bank. With 184 Clubbers this year, that leaves a per capita balance of $45.83.

How does this compare to the last couple of years?

In 2017 the per capita total was $74.27, while 2016 was $42.93.

Total purse money won this season $20,418.50 which was a little over $500 less than the previous year’s total of $20,935 and well above the 2016 total of $12,790.  However this season we had about 25 more members than last year and had a little bit of cash from the sale of Brilliant Belle.

The highlights of 2018 include racing more at Canterbury than we ever had in the past with 10 starts (12 total).  I Never Give Up ran at a high level and only missed the board at Oaklawn when she was caught late and finished 4th.  Mr. Ark never really developed the way we had hoped he would.

For the first time, we did not get that win which was a source of consternation for everyone – especially Nevada and I.  The win is a glorious experience that we want to bring everyone as often as we can every year.

We ran them where they belonged but just fell short.  While the results weren’t favorable in terms of wins, we did earn a considerable amount of purse money which is the bottom line for day to day owners in this business – live to fight another day.  Unfortunately I Never Give Up was hurt before we could get that elusive win, which we felt pretty good about that last weekend of the meet when she had to scratch.

Hopefully we all learned some things this year, had fun running as often as we did,  enjoyed the get togethers and the backside tours and we certainly want to see you next year.

I can tell you one thing: Nevada and I are looking to atone for this year with some winning next year.  Nothing is a guarantee, of course, but we’re fired up.

Keep an eye on your inbox for a note from Jeff on next season.  We’re not ready to launch 2019 but Jeff will be compiling the list of folks that will NOT be returning for the 2019 season.  Returnees will be able to get back in for $207.07 in 2019, rolling over their 2018 proceeds while folks departing will receive a check for the $45.83.

If you are NOT returning for 2019, you can send us a note at either or

Thanks for being a part of the 2018 Canterbury Racing Club and we look forward to seeing you next season!CRC 2018 Running financials -FINAL