Welcome to 2019!

Welcome back to all the returning folks and welcome to all the new Clubbers – we’re thrilled and thankful to have you all and are looking forward to a great year!

Final accounting will be taking place over the next week and we should have a pretty good idea of where we are at then.  It looks like we should end up around 150 members.  While it’s 30 people lighter than last year, it’s right in line with previous years.  It should give us plenty of opportunity to get a horse with each trainer (Nevada Litfin and Karl Broberg) so we can get rolling with a pair in the stable.

We use this blog for in depth communication but you can also follow and interact with us on Facebook (Canterbury Racing Club) and on Twitter (@CBY_Racing_Club).  Generally speaking we break news first on Twitter because it’s the easiest and quickest medium to get news out on the go.  We use this blog to follow up and get more in depth with workouts, race previews, tour info, etc.  The Facebook page allows us to interact with each other.  We encourage you to share your race day or tour photos there with the other Clubbers and is more of an “informal” meeting place.

Once we get the final numbers we’ll talk about our budget, what we look for and how the game works to obtain a horse and start running.

Again, thanks for signing up and welcome to the 2019 Club!


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