On Our Way!

Final accounting is done and this year’s club closed with 157 members ($39,250) – 27 fewer than last year but right on target with earlier years.

We should be operating with a budget of about $10,000 per horse which would leave us just about 4 months of expenses in the bank.  Hopefully we can start the season strong and add to the bank so we’ll have no worries throughout the year!

Both Karl and Nevada are looking for horses now either through the claiming box or through a private purchase.  We’ve done both in the past and both have proven to be good ways to pick up a competitive horse.

Over the next week we’ll take you through what goes into claiming a horse and how that process works and update you on any possible targets…sort of.  Claiming a horse is similar to poker and you don’t want to offer any “tells” to let your target know that you may be after their horse – or alert others to your plans resulting in more competition for the horse!

We’re very excited to start 2019, grateful to you all that have joined us this year and are looking forward to working with Nevada and Karl to bring you a successful, fun and, of course, educational 2019 season!


3 thoughts on “On Our Way!

    • I believe that they went out the end of last week when the final accounting was done but I’ll have to check on Monday on the day that they were sent.

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