Some Miscellany

Some odds and ends today:

Reminder: our kickoff get together is this Saturday between 9 – 11 AM in the cabanas trackside.  There should be signs up but in case there are not, proceed on the ground level in the grandstand out to the apron and turn right.  Walk down to the cabanas!  It is an “open house” type format so please don’t feel like you have to be there right at 9 if you can’t make it then – we’ll be there all morning.  One of our trainers, Nevada Litfin, is going to try and join us as well so we can touch base with him and pepper him with questions!

Dos Cuernos is in the barn and doing well.  He arrived yesterday.  It does not appear that he will race this weekend, but the next, but stay tuned.

Karl Broberg is scheduled to move his stable in this weekend which puts us in line for claiming horse number two this weekend.

The Minnesota Thoroughbred Association is sponsoring a seminar for prospective new owners should you want to attend.  It is immediately after our get together Saturday at 11 PM.  Please RSVP to the MTA (email and phone on the flier below) today or tomorrow if you’d like to attend.

May 11, 2019 Ownership Seminar


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