Breakfast, Workout and Entering

Thanks to everyone who made it out for the kickoff coffee and pastries Saturday morning.  It was an excellent turnout and, as things turned out, the morning weather was the best of the day!

On Sunday morning, Dos Cuernos hit the track for a light timed workout.  He went 3 furlongs in 39.16.  The goal was to give him an opportunity to hustle down the lane, get a feel for his surroundings and expand the lungs.  He initially came out of the work well (we’ll know more tomorrow) so we would expect to enter on Wednesday for Saturday.

To a trainer it’s not really how quick the work was but HOW the horse did it. If the he was all out to get the time and came back winded and exhausted, that would be less impressive than if he did a slightly slower work but came back and wasn’t breathing hard enough to blow out a candle. Additionally, trainers want different things out of each work. Maybe he’ll work in company (with another horse) and learn to race in close quarters, or how to close on an opponent or learn to run pinned next to the rail? There are a lot of reasons a work may not be the fastest but the trainer will still deem it a success.  It’s all about achieving the desired result based on the intent of the work.

Stay tuned here, on twitter (@Cby_Racing_Club) and on Facebook for news Wednesday afternoon on the possible race for next weekend.


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