Brief Rundown From Nevada

We caught up to Nevada on the backside and he gave us some quick thoughts on the race tomorrow.

We have space in Silks tomorrow (the bar and gathering area near the bridle path where the horses come on to the racetrack).  Sometimes we get inside space, sometimes the patio – watch for the signs, the Club area will be marked.  Given the weather forecast…I think we’ll be inside!


4 thoughts on “Brief Rundown From Nevada

  1. I’ve noticed that Broberg has claimed a couple of $4000.00 horses after their races and each time I automatically thought he claimed them for us. However, they were claimed for other owners. How does a trainer, representing several different owners, decide which owner he is claiming for when multiple owners are all interested in the same caliber horse?

    • Good question! Usually it becomes a “first come, first served” situation – the owner that asked first gets first. In this case, I gave Karl (and Nevada) the budget of $10,000 per horse from there or below for their initial claims. It could very well be that Karl is looking higher than $4000 for us.

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