Well that was a short lived run at home.  Dos Cuerno was moving into contention toward the far turn under Eddie Martin Jr. when he started falling back.  He finished last and was claimed by Robertino Diodoro.

We won’t know what went wrong for sure because he’s not ours anymore, but indications are that he may have bled a little bit during the race.  Eddie got off and said he had a hard time breathing and, generally, that commentary following that type of performance is indicative of pulmonary bleeding.

This is not a fatal issue for horses but it is uncomfortable.  It can be treated with Lasix and other adjunct drugs as well as rest.  With some time and proper medication he should be just fine.

Now, however, we need to find horses.  Fortunately we have four days of racing next weekend and plenty of opportunity for Nevada and Karl to pick up horses to finish out the summer.


2 thoughts on “CLAIMED!

  1. Ted, you may want to explain the different types of races for the new club members in a future blog. At the track there were club members asking my wife, Mary Lou, why the club lost the horse because they didn’t understand a claiming race. Just a thought.

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