VIDEO: Claiming a Horse

Now that we’re horseless, it is time to claim another. Jeff’s press box assistant, Mari, made this video to help us visualize the process.  Remember – she’s only illustrating the process, no claiming takes place until before the actual race!



5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Claiming a Horse

  1. Thanks for the info! Question on this topic – today we watched a few races at Canterbury and race #2 caught our interest. The favorite, Irritator, had raced at Churchill Downs in $40k+ claiming races (and won a few!) and easily won this $5k claiming race. He was unsurprisingly claimed, and it seemed like he was a steal. Why would he have been entered in this race?

    • It’s hard to determine what is on an owner or trainer’s mind when they go ahead and drop a horse in class so precipitously. It’s hard to imagine that the connections didn’t figure they would get claimed. Anything I would throw out would be clearly speculative because I don’t know. I noticed the owner is listed as the trainer. In some situations an owner passes away and the estate gives horses to the trainer to disburse and they do it this way to grab purse money and claim money; or an old owner didn’t pay their bills and the ownership reverts to the trainer and the trainer drops deeply to get some money back. There really are a myriad of reasons and it’s difficult to know why. It’s one of the things that makes the claiming game very similar to player poker.

  2. Ok we lost our horse to a claim, but that’s horse racing. Why hasn’t Karl Broberg gotten a horse –
    been plenty of opportunity in the month of May(it’s almost June) for both trainers to get a horse, even after the claim.

    • I’ll be addressing this more fully in a post but several factors, chief among them: budget and quality.

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