Welcome to the Club: Ender!

Ender Claim Day

Ender (Curlin-Added Time-Gilded Time)

Karl Broberg claimed back Ender for the Club out of the 7th race at Canterbury Sunday.  He finished a hard charging 2nd.  The claiming price was $7500.

Ender was in Karl’s barn last year where he won a few races.  Ender was claimed away but he thought enough of him to claim him right back.  He was then claimed again after a race and was raised up in price and moved to Arizona.  In his first race here this year he wasn’t eligible for a claim but when he dropped into this spot Karl wanted him back in the barn and we went for it.

He ran a nice race coming from off the pace and Karl knows how to win with him so we’ll get him back to the barn, let him recover and then get right back at it. His lifetime past performances are at the bottom.

Don’t forget that we’re racing in Thursday night’s 4th race on the turf with Laura Ray!  Group 2 is in the paddock.

Now we have a male on the dirt and a female on the turf!

Congratulations and good luck everyone!

Ender Lifetime PPs


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