Ender WINS!

Congratulations team!  Ender ran his race, came from off the pace and drew off strongly under Quincy Hamilton’s third win of the day.

Congratulations to Karl, Clemente (Karl’s assistant here), the folks in the barn and Quincy.  Beautifully done to turn the horse around in 2 weeks and pick us up the win.

The winning chart is below.

We can pick up our win pictures at the track photographer at any time.  Take the stairs down to the lower level that are next to the nut lady stand.  When you get downstairs turn right and then right again toward the track and the track photographer will be on your right.

If you need the elevator, use the elevator outside the card club near the valet entrance.  Go down to the basement, turn right, then right at the end of the hallway.  Track photographer will be on your right.

The pictures will be covered by the Club and each Clubber is entitled to one winners’ circle photo.  They will be available at any time throughout the meet so no need to rush – just let the folks in the office know you’re there for the Club photo.

You can watch the replay here: https://www.canterburypark.com/streaming-replays/ Just choose June 20 and race 7!




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