Tour Dates Set

We have set the first two bag side tour dates.  We picked one Saturday and one Sunday so folks can have their choice of days.

Saturday, July 13 will be the first with Sunday, July 28 as the second.

We will meet at 9:00 at the backside gate. We will meet you there and escort you in. The tour is a walking tour and the distance traveled and amount of standing will be considerable so please keep this in mind when rsvp-ing. I would anticipate the tours lasting about 90-minutes to 2 hours. We will watch some morning works, check out our horse(s) and visit the administration building.

We will keep the groups close to 50 people per tour.

Please RSVP to me at and I’ll keep the list. Please do not RSVP in the comment section. It is too had to keep track. You’re welcome to bring family but the size limit will need to be enforced given all the activity on the backside at that time of the morning. Please let me know the number in your group when you RSVP. Should there be excess demand, we will try and schedule another tour before the end of the meet.

As we get closer I will post the guidelines for the tour for those of you that are unfamiliar. Safety is our top priority so there will be some guidelines to keep the horses and the tour members safe.


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