Laura Ray 4th

Laura Ray broke maybe a half step slow but was keen to run on.  So keen, in fact, that jockey Orlando Mojica couldn’t get her to relax.  She was pulling hard and he couldn’t get her to slide toward the rail so we were wide through the first turn – and wide most of the trip – while up much closer to the lead than where we would have ideally chosen to be.

The fractions were slow enough but we couldn’t rate and when the real running started in the lane Laura Ray was empty.  We finished 4th.

She’ll get back to the barn and Nevada will see how she came out of the race and we’ll go from there.

Eyes will now turn to see if we can get Ender in before the break and keep rolling along.

Details regarding the tour on Saturday will be posted early in the week, so make sure that you check back.

NOTICE: Just wanted to remind everyone that when the Club horse runs we try and make sure that we have a special spot for Clubbers to gather if they wish.  While we get a spot, usually in Silks, and free admission, we are not able to get no charge Clubhouse/Buffet tables. Please do not call horsemen’s relations for these, this service is for MRC licensed owners only, which we are not.  You may, of course, pay to reserve a table at any time.


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