Tough Night, But Not Lacking Excitement

WOW!  We were so close…  Ender seized the lead in the lane and looked like he would prevail before he was collared right at the wire.  We lost the head bob ibn a really tough loss.

After talking to Quincy and Karl, the horse just does not know what to do when he strikes to the lead.  There was too much time left in the race and he relaxed.  He picked right back up when he heard the hoof beats and saw his rivals but it was too late and we lost the head bob.

Ender picks up a check for $4000 for his efforts and ran one helluva race.  He’ll come back, rest up and we’ll get right back at them.

Laura Ray just didn’t have any punch in the lane in her race.  Nik Goodwin did a nice job in placing her in good position all the way around the racetrack.  She saved ground and had room to maneuver but when it came time to lay out and do some real running, she didn’t go.

We’ll do the same with her and maybe her next race shake things up a bit.  The last couple of races she’s been particularly keen to run so maybe we go shorter and let her?  We’ll let Nevada work with her the next few weeks and we’ll go from there.

Thanks to all that came out to support our runners last night!  We certainly didn’t lack for any excitement.


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