Ender Sixth

While that was certainly not the result we were hoping for, we can take something very important away from the race that we sometimes forget: horses are flesh and blood and, sometimes – no matter how good they may be at it – they don’t feel like working.  Today was one of those days for Ender.

He broke well and took himself back a little bit for Quincy.  Nothing too unusual there, that’s what he does and we know he’s going to want to come from out it.  As the top four horses battled for the lead we were about seven out and seemed to be ready to take advantage of the race falling apart with so much speed up front.

Quincy asked Ender for run heading through the turn.  No response.  Asked again straightening for home.  Again, no response.  He just didn’t give anything today and, against a group as talented and quick as this one, you can’t not bring your A game and get away with it. He seemed to come back in good order so we’ll let Karl and Clemente get him back to the barn and give him the once over, take some time and get ready for one more try before the end of the meet.  We’ll look for something longer and perhaps try and get some class relief as well.

Meanwhile we’ll turn our attention to Laura Ray and see if we can get her in going short on the grass as soon as possible.


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