One. Last. Try.

Most likely…both horses are doing well.  Ender came out of his race okay and will take another week to recover before heading back out.  We’ll likely come back at or around where we claimed him to try and get another win before the home team.

Laura Ray will be entering this week for the weekend.  We REALLY wanted to sprint her over the grass but can’t get a five furlong race to go for her at the $7500 level.  We will most likely have to come back longer, which is not ideal but we also can only run the races that are written/filled.

Finally, we’re currently looking into the possibility of having our annual “close out coffee” which, this year, would be the morning of closing day, September 14.  Nothing is official yet but I wanted to let you know so you have an idea.  One way or another, we’ll put out a post on the blog soon.


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