Not What We Had Hoped

Certainly not the Saturday we had hoped for when the races drew on Wednesday.  Ender ran okay, coming on late but not with the huge rush we saw in his victory and Laura Ray was put in position to do something late but had no kick.

There are only a couple of weekends left in the meet so we are looking at our options going forward.  Here are the thoughts after yesterday’s races:

Laura Ray last race

LAURA RAY: She’s running at the bottom level for the turf here and she’s not cutting it.  She likes the Turf Paradise course and has done well there so we’ve asked around to see if anyone heading to Arizona would like to bring her back.  It doesn’t make much sense for us to do given the high cost of shipping, plus licensing and the low purses there, but if someone is heading there already, she may make sense for them.  We’re also shopping her to non-racing outlets as well like hunter/jumper barns in the area here to find her a second career.

ENDER: Ender has obviously been running successfully at a much higher level so we will see how he comes out of this race.  He COULD run closing weekend, he may not, it all depends upon how he is doing.  Every two weeks can be rough on a horse after a while, so we’ll give him the time he needs.  Should the meet close and we still have him, we will go ahead and get licensed wherever Karl wants to bring him next and race there.  He has horses stabled all over the country so we’ll see where he thinks he’d fit best.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the closing get together at Silks between 9-11 AM on Saturday, September 14 at – and if you have friends that feel badly they missed the Club this year but want to be a part next year…bring them along!


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