Ender was not ready to race this weekend.  He needed more than two weeks to recover and get ready to run so we’ll be unable to run closing weekend.  While a disappointment, it does not make sense to run the horse when he’s not ready just so we can see him one more time – we’re asking for trouble and it’s not good for him.

Karl will be taking him to Oklahoma and I will be looking into licensing this week so we’ll be ready to go when he’s ready to go.

We got the groups through the paddock several times this season and we were able to hit the winners’ circle in a race carrying the richest purse the Club has ever won.  And we came ever so close (a head bob!) from doing it again.

We hope that everyone had a good summer and enjoyed the experience, thank you so very much from all of us involved in the Club for being a part this year, but we’re not done yet!  We’ll keep you posted here and on Twitter on just how Ender is doing until he leaves us.

Then we’ll gear up to do it again in 2020!


2 thoughts on “Oooooooklahoma!

    • Jim – I post them every month around the middle f the month. I only just received the vet bill and have not received one of the August training bills yet. If you’re having trouble accessing them when they are posted, please let me know.

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