Moving On; August Financials

As we head to Remington Park we’re dealing with some challenges in the licensing department, but we expect for that to sorted out by the end of the week and we’ll be ready to race.  In the interim, Karl is bringing Ender along to get him ready to roll.  The strategy from here on out will most likely be to get aggressive with race placement and try and keep on winning until someone claims him.

Thanks to all the folks that came out for the breakfast on closing morning.  We went a little long but it was fun – and we had plenty of donuts!

Heather received a note from the girl that bought Laura Ray and she is absolutely in love with her.  We have a couple of pictures but we’re waiting to see if we can have her permission to post them here, but we’re very excited that she found a home with a young lady that will love her and give her a new job.

Below is a link to the latest financial statement.  As you can see, we have plenty of money to take us through the rest of the year and, as a couple of Clubbers mentioned Saturday morning, he CAN still win!

There was a question on Saturday on how things get closed up.

Once Ender is claimed or sold, we gather up the bills and then reconcile and audit the year.  It takes about 6-8 weeks from our last race to get everything sorted out, especially if we end toward the beginning of the month because most trainers and vets only bill after the month closes and if we lose the horse on the 5th, for example, we have nearly a month until the bills get mailed to us.

Once we reconcile everything, I’ll post here and Jeff will send out an email to everyone asking if you want to return for next year.  If you don’t, then we’ll send out checks to you for your share of the remaining funds.  If you do – and we certainly hope you all do! – we apply that to the buy in for 2020 and your buy in is reduced by that amount.

We will post the new sign in sheets after the first of there year: one for new members and one for returning members and we start the process again.

CRC 2019 Running Financials – Sept 1


1 thought on “Moving On; August Financials

  1. Thanks to you, Ted for another fun year! Thanks to Nevada, Karl and their teams for all their hard work! And thanks to Heather for sharing her beautiful photos!

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