Ender 4th

Going into the race there was some concern about the higher level of competition we were in with considering the claiming levels Karl was trying to enter him in ($7500 – $10,000) just weren’t filling.  He was ready to go, we can’t wait forever and we have to run what they write so we went in this $17,500/$12,500 starter allowance.  The distance was right and he was training well so off we went.

Ender ran well.  He finished 4th but this was a tough group, he didn’t settle back early, was wide throughout and he still ran hard and was steadily gaining in the stretch.

Ender broke sharply and briefly vied for the lead before he listened to David and took back to prepare and make his run.  The problem was that no one really wanted to try and go on with the lead.  I anticipated that the horses just to his inside would have gone and he could have settled either behind them or settle in just behind the stalkers.  But between his sharp break and everyone staying bunched up, even when David took him back, there was no place to duck in and save ground.

Even though he was wide throughout, he responded to David’s urging and ran hard all the way down the lane and ended up beaten only by 3 1/2 lengths.  There was a point just heading into the far turn when the eventual winner went by him where I thought he might have been bothered, but the head on replay showed me that he bore in a little and caused his own issue.  It didn’t cost him much and he ran well.

So we’ll see how he comes out of the race and look to go after them again.  If we can get a race we want and he can run like that in a $10,000 claimer, we can certainly win a race or two before we’re done.

You can find the replay here.  Just click on the calendar for October 3rd and then “8” underneath to call up the race.

Race Replays



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