Becoming Harley

While we wait for Ender’s race (where he is the morning line favorite, by the way) on Friday night, here is an update on Laura Ray.

As you know, Laura was sold to a young gal from Wisconsin near the end of the meet.  She had some time to get acclimated and now she’s being ridden regularly and loved to pieces.

Here are a couple of photos on Laura Ray, now living life as “Harley”, in southwestern Wisconsin.  The first is the day she went home and the second being ridden.

Such an important part of racing horses is making sure you can find a good life for them after racing.  We’ve done well in the past, but in this case we really did an exceptional job.  She has a great home with a young girl that loves her and that is something of which we all can be proud. Go get ’em, Harley!


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