Happy New Year: Next Steps

Happy New Year to everyone and a belated Happy Birthday to all our thoroughbred athletes who turned a year older on January 1st.

The re-enrollment period has ended and thank you to the great majority of you returning for another year!  Here is what will happen next:

We will be tallying up the re-enrollments and getting the checks deposited in the Club account over the next few weeks. Some entries were sent over the holidays and may arrive a few days late.

We should have a firm number and all the accounting done by the end of the month. Checks will go out to the folks not coming back but for the 100+ (looks like it may be closer to 125+) we’ll have a staring number and then budget what we can send to the trainers to acquire horses.

There is no rush and we want to get to the Canterbury season with a pair of contenders, but the odds are very good that we’ll be doing some running in Arkansas before we come home for the summer. Oaklawn begins on January 24 and we should be able to start looking by the second weekend of the meet.

Welcome back and here’s to a great 2020!