Status Quo

As the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated over the past week we’ve seen a lot of moves that could be called “unprecedented”.  With track closures all around the country, the Kentucky Derby and Preakness moved to September and racing’s 2020 future uncertain, we are going to hold off claiming a horse until the picture becomes clearer.  What we do not want to do is claim a horse and then have racing halted for a month.  We would be paying for training with no possibility of any income and, with a finite amount of money, we need to be more cautious and make sure that we’re in the game when there is sure to be a game!

While Canterbury has temporarily closed for simulcasting and cards, work is still moving forward toward a May 15 opening so we are optimistic that we will be able to claim or buy before then and be racing opening weekend.  There is still a lot of time between now and then and we’ll be watching events closely and maintaining communication with our trainers and sister racetracks.

In the interim, stay home if you can, be safe and wash, wash, wash those hands!


4 thoughts on “Status Quo

  1. Ted, If you did not know, Oaklawn is OPEN for live racing, without spectators and I am sure Canterbury will have live racing, maybe without spectators. The purses are there – so let’s get
    a couple of horses and let’s get racing now !

    • Yes, we know Oaklawn is open right now without fans (And just chopped purses by 25% to keep running) and the plan is to kick off live racing on schedule here on May 15. If that changes in the next week or two, we are not comfortable paying for the upkeep of a horse that may not run with the limited funding the Club has. We only want a little more long term clarity before we commit limited Club resources.

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