Track Groups (Formerly Paddock Groups)

Pre-pandemic days, as you know, we’d divide the group up into three or four groups for paddock access and then the entire Club would smush into the winners’ circle together should we be fortunate enough to win.

However, “smushing” is very much frowned upon these so we will not be able to have paddock access or winners’ circle access (if we get lucky).  In fact, up until today it was unlikely that we’d be able to have any Clubbers out for the races at all.

It does appear, though, that we will be able to have some folks come on out to watch the race live.  Again, we won’t have paddock or WC access, but the opportunity will exist for us to come out 20 folks at a time.

The process will be further outlined tomorrow on what we all need to do to make sure that we’re all on the list, but there is one thing that is certain: because of the strict limitation on the number of people that can be on track at any one time, the following list is the extent of the people that can come out.  We can’t allow kids, friends, spouses, etc.  ONLY the Clubber on the list will be allowed entrance.  There is just simply no way we can accommodate special requests or any one offs – there are too many licensed owners also trying to get in that day to watch their horses run.  I know this may make it difficult or even impossible for someone to come out and I’m terribly sorry.

Right now there are no free admission so passes will not be valid. There are free reservations for the simulcast area of third level each day. There is no view of the track but races can be viewed on monitors and gambling of course is encouraged. That link is

You can also work out a paid admission by reserving a table on third floor or reserving space on the mezzanine.  Those details can be found here:

This situation is going to be very fluid over the racing season. But understand that reservations will be required.  You will not be able to come to the track and see if you can get in.

I will post again tomorrow with more of the details for everyone.  Until then, here is the first group of 20.  Please let me know via email if you will be coming on Wednesday night (  Again, hopefully we will be able to address the procedure as soon as tomorrow. I know that this is NOT an ideal situation but given the limitations placed upon the racetrack right now, it is the best that can be done.  And again, these procedures will be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Mark Allen
Irene Andersen
Scott Andersen
Jostin Andrist
Jim Bastyr
Ruby Beebe
Trent Bernstein
Hank Blankemeyer
Shirlie Bokusky
Kenneth Boyer
Jesse Bradley
Joshua Bruce
Jay Buckentine
Kimberly Cave
Eric Cegla
Abigal Ceynar
Jason Charter
Greg Close
Greg Collier
Bill Corrigan

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