Disappointing Evening

That was a disappointing evening.  Furzy broke well and was interested in going to the lead so Ry let her go.  However she hit the turn and it apparently came up on her awfully quick and she blew it.  She simply could make the turn and carried wide.  She then ducked back in and pinballed around some horses.  By the time they straightened out to head down the backside she had given up.

She’s a young horse in only her third career start and trying the turf for the first time. A lot went wrong for her and while she showed interest early – which is always a good thing – she freaked out a little bit so she will see some serious class relief before her next start.

Nevada will see how she came out of the race and get her back and ready for her next start.  Lilfeatheredindian should be next up in a $5000 maiden claiming race.  Tonight was a poor claiming night in our price range but there may be a shot or two tomorrow to get one in the Broberg barn.

Hard to see the good in a race like that, but the gate speed was nice and her willingness to run was as well.  Nevada will have to teach her the rest.  And class relief won’t hurt either.


2 thoughts on “Disappointing Evening

  1. What race was she in? I thought 5 but did not see her name in the finishers or also rans. Why not, or was I looking in the wrong place?

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